65 hangers

In between commissions there is nothing better than a good clear out. Post house move at the end of April my studio at the Greyfriars here in Lincoln has been patiently waiting to be put back into some kind of order. This represents the last of my big downsizing projects for 2013 and will finally see the end to years of hoarding and clutter.

Ever since I set the studio up ten months ago I have intended to use it as an all-in-one resource for my business. But there comes a time when the stock starts to stifle both you and your creativity and you need to start afresh. I have been ruthless and thrown a lot of things away, but there is also a healthy stack of items in my Etsy store which are slowly but steadily selling, hence the title of this posting. I have managed to clear 65 hangers so far through various sales.

The styling part of my business has very much fallen by the way side this year as paid commissions have taken over. And whilst I could have no shortage of styling work, time is money and I can’t keep doing work for free. At the moment I only take on projects I need in my portfolio and aren’t going to cost me a lot of money to complete since funds are limited. And I’m not seeing challenges at the moment that get me fired up enough to want to take on that kind of work. So selling stock has become a priority.

Due to client commitments I haven’t designed or made anything for my collection work since February, but I have plenty of ideas in the pipeline waiting to be put into action. Clearing out the hoard of fabrics I have, some of which I will never use, has been cathartic. With some of my stock I can see the finished outfit in my head but just need the time and a little energy to get started.

Throughout July I will be away on an entirely new kind of business so there won’t be any studio time at all which I think will be a good break for me. After I get back I have several commissions to complete and then, as far as things stand at the moment, I’m free to do as I want and it’ll be good to do some free hand designing again and get some more shoots under way.

The rest of the year will hopefully see a number of changes including some very directional decisions on my part which will help to bolster me into action. But it’s hard to believe we are already half way through the year and I feel like I have been treading water for at least part of it. Everything I do has my business at the heart of it but sometimes you have to take two steps back in order to go a whole bunch forward. And whilst it can be very frustrating, sometimes it’s a necessary move.


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