Wedding Day Trending

I know I don’t blog about my private commission work very often but here’s a thing I have spotted. The trend this year is ‘mother of the bride’.

Whilst brides these days are doing it all on the cheap – buying dresses for under £500 and bridesmaids gowns for under £80 a piece – and getting someone like me to do the necessary alterations, the mother of the bride isn’t prepared to settle for second best.  And why should she?

Behind the happy couple she will be one of the most scruitinised members of the wedding cast. And, as the mother of the bride is an older, more determined and focused customer she knows what she wants and is prepared to pay sensibly for it.

And that of course, means none of the stereotype MoB outfits on the high street quite fits the bill. With me you can pick your style (you probably already know what you want), help you source your fabric in the colour you want and magically it will appear to your exact measurements in time for the big day.

My design service is the one I pride most. I design from initial ideas, through hand drafted patterns, to toile and final fitting. Every stage is carefully worked to ensure the customer is happy and kept informed and up to date. And what’s more is that the woman who gets to use my services knows what she is getting and appreciates the cost of that outfit. You cannot produce a beautifully fitting, elegant garment for anyone on the cheap.

I don’t think I charge excessively by any means and once my customers begin to see what is involved they understand that. As they experience the process they see just what is involved in having a custom made tailored outfit. And there is a lot involved.

One of the other aspects of MoB is that I can create outfits that can be used again for other occasions. If you are going to spend a lot on a dress you really want to get enough wear out of it and that is something you just cannot do with a bridal gown. So we design with other uses in mind, from dance dresses, to formal dinner wear. And it works a treat. So this year has been predominantly the year of the brides mother.

And that can’t be bad.


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