The Merry-go-round of Fashion Trending

This blog has been very much neglected these last few months. Mostly it’s the lack of shoots. I am waiting to show you the results from two I did back in February but sometimes you have to be very patient waiting for images to appear. I promise they are great. I am just waiting and waiting.

In terms of work, most of my time this year has been spent on client commissions so results are invariably non existent. But I am getting paid which is in many ways far more important and I should be thankful that I am getting a variety of commissions that are actually helping to pay my rent. But it doesn’t give me as much to talk about here.

What I don’t do very often is talk about fashion trends and up and coming predictions. I tend to touch on the larger issues of body image and the fashion industry in general but I rarely get to talk about what’s going on on the high street or on the runway. I don’t really consider myself a ‘fashion blogger’, more of a ‘fashion industry blogger’. Because that is where I come from. I am a business owner not a retail shopper but of course I should really be both. I just find the high street uninspiring.

High Street fashion is reoccurring. It goes round in circles on a predictable conveyor belt. Just the other day I was window shopping in one of my local well known brands and picked up a skirt I had wanted to buy last year but hadn’t been able to get in the colour I wanted. And yet here I was, buying it now, a year later. Exactly the same skirt from 2012 but still ‘on trend’. And I started to wonder what was going on that meant it was okay for  the high street to behave like this? Has anyone else noticed, or does it rely on the throwaway and forgetable mentality of its buying public? And I wondered how a stretched fashion buyer could afford to buy, discard and then rebuy the same piece.

At least every couple of years I see most of the staples in my wardrobe reappearing on the rails in the same colours, the same fabrics, the same lengths and all it means is that I don’t have spend any money unless my copy has worn out and needs replacing. In which case it saves me having to scour Ebay for a second hand one. This is partly why I tend to hang on to whatever I have. Where is the buzz from rebuying the same stuff you bought last year but gave to a charity shop?

Watching shoppers on the high street also doesn’t make me happy. Once again it is summer and all the obscenely short hot pants and tea dresses in predictable bird prints are back on the bodies of unimaginative teens. It’s all studded ballet pumps, converse and big back combed hair. And I guess it’s not their fault, because most high street chains look the same. They all offer the same things with different price tags on them.

But I guess that’s what fashion is all about – following the trend. I always spot the person who’s put their own mark on a fashion stable. They are the people that interest me, they are the true trend setters of the future.


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