Agencies, magazines and couture commissions

logoI woke up to some good news this morning. Falcieri Designs is now represented by cutting edge UK based agency VAST Model Management. VAST has been working hard since last year setting itself up for business. The creative element of its agency is an area that fits well within its agenda and I’m really excited to be a part of the VAST team. This is the direction I want to go in and it should help raise my profile.

They represent male and female models and a number of creative elements, perfect if you’re trying to put together a complex team. They have everything covered. The agency which works from offices in London, Manchester and Leeds covers a range of styles and areas from commercial to corporate. A quick look at the website proves they are operating to a high standard.

Also today I found out  that two projects from last year have finally been published – one for PosAbility Magazine and the other for Tribe. I’ve posted the results of these shoots before but it’s always positive news to see them live on the pages of their respective publications at last.

This week I am working in Kent completing several client projects who all happen to have come together in the same area (carefully engineered that way of course). I am designing and making two ‘mother of the bride’ dresses, altering one bridesmaid’s dress and making some adjustments to a bridal gown.

I’ll be back to the Midlands at the weekend where I have yet another bridal gown to alter, two more bridesmaids and another ‘mother of the bride’ to start designing for.

I have noticed some interesting changes in my customer base in recent months. Bridal work as a genre was always going to be a sure sell. However I am doing far less bridal gown design work this year and more alterations than ever before. Couples, still hoping for a dream wedding, are tightening their purse strings where ever they can and are happy to settle for ready-made gowns off the peg imported from China. They cost a fraction of the cost of a tailor made service but nearly always still need further work to make them fit and individualise them.

The focus of my design work is now on the ‘mums’ who know what they want, want to look great and have a little more cash to pay for it. Image is everything and the bride’s mum is generally next in line for attention after the happy couple. So the perfect dress is essential. But mum’s are more forward thinking and have more flexibility with their designs and are invariably thinking about how they can reuse their dress again afterwards.

A simple design that can be dressed up or down for any occasion is ideal. I have one lady who is an enthusiastic ballroom dancer and we are designing a dress around something she can use afterwards at dance nights.  Similarly a simple fitted dress for a summer wedding can make a lovely day dress for any occasion.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this part of the work. Most ‘mum’s’ have strong ideas about what suits them, the colours they like and already know what they want which in many ways makes my job easier because I enjoy being able to create the dress they want rather than freestyling for someone who has no direction. Wherever possible I always try to stick to the clients design.


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