Rethinking the plan

So here it is – 2013. It doesn’t feel any different and in many ways nothing has changed. But the new year often heralds new beginnings, resolutions, promises, improved ways of living.

I know there are inevitable changes coming in my life this year. I’ll be moving house which will signal a much needed new start. But there are other things that will need to evolve if I am to keep heading in the right direction. Some of them will feel like a step back  but they are a necessary way for me to keep going without losing sight of what it is I am trying to achieve.

In these austere times it’s survival of the fittest and only the fittest, and if I am to succeed in any way I have to take a side step. Business has not been as I had hoped and the six months that I’ve been up and running have been full of emotional ups and downs.

Certain aspects of the industry have left me jaded and pessimistic and others have left me frustrated. Being creative is one thing, but being paid for it is another and there is only so much creativity you can do without profit before your enthusiasm starts to wane. Whilst it should not all be about money, when you are running a business and trying to survive off it that should be your main priority.

And so this year I have to rethink. And I’m going to have to find work elsewhere until things pick up. It won’t stop me creating or running my studio but it should take enough money pressures off me to make me more creative again.



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