Is Online Selling Losing Its Appeal?

There was a time when online selling via websites such as Ebay or Etsy were a great way to broaden your market and find new customers all around the world. But if you’re a small business, charity or individual working from home, the costs of postage may be making your product less appealing to customers, purely because it tips the balance of affordability at a time when we’re already struggling to afford shop prices.

I have stopped selling on ebay due to high listing and final price fees and its fairly recent decision to impose a cap on what postage costs you can use  for a particular item. Postage and packing for a dress for instance might be £5.30 but ebay might only let me include up to £4.20 meaning I either lose money or have to up the product price.

I moved over to Etsy because they have a flat fee policy for listings but continual high postage costs through Royal Mail may still be making purchases unappealing.  If someone from Australia for instance wants to buy a unique piece of hand designed clothing I have made for £150 and I have to charge them another £30 for postage they are more than likely going to think twice. And I don’t blame them.

With a first class stamp now at a staggering 60p it’s shocking to think that just over 30 years ago that same stamp would have cost you just over 10p.

The plight of the 1st class stamp (source)

I am on the verge of giving up on online sales which kills a hugely accessible market. So what’s the alternative?

Have you ditched online selling for cheaper or more accessible methods? Do you list on social media sites to avoid charges and drop the price or your goods?

Or have you given up selling online full stop. if so, what’s your alternative and if not, are you able to stay profitable in the face of rising online costs?


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