How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

2013 is nearly upon us. If you’ve announced your engagement in 2012 no doubt you’ll be thinking ahead to your big day. Perhaps you’re making your plans for a 2014 wedding or you’re already set for next year but struggling to find just the right mix to make it unique and special to you.

For brides, the dress undoubtedly has to be the biggest concern. Finding the gown that speaks volumes and encompasses your vision is paramount. But finding it is isn’t always easy. Perhaps you’ve got a limited budget. Maybe you’ve got a crazy off the wall design in mind that you’ll never find ready made in a shop. Or perhaps you want to be the only one wearing THAT dress.

If you’re struggling have you thought about hiring a bespoke dress designer? It’s a service that’s nowhere near as expensive as it sounds. From the classic all in one gown to a bit of 1950s vintage chic or the creation you have in your head, you can have pretty much whatever you want.

Of course, you might be wondering what you get that’s different to what a bridal shop will offer you? Well for starters you have a personal designer. As an example, the service I provide involves discussing designs directly with the client from initial concept. These can be a verbal description, scraps collected from magazines or a simple hand drawn sketch. The key element here is that your design is unique to you. And it doesn’t matter what size you are – tall, short, plus size or size zero.

Next I draft paper patterns from scratch to your exact measurements. You’ll get to choose your fabrics depending on your budget and I can even make accessories such as jackets, shawls, capes, hair and shoe decorations to match.

After the paper patterns are finalised I make a ‘toile’ – a mock up of the dress in a cotton weight fabric. This is the test run when you get to try on the basic concept and alter things such as hem lines, adjust sleeves and necklines, add or take away detailing. And there’s never any rush. Provided you plan in advance you can have as much time as you need to think over your choices before committing to a final design.

It’s standard for a bride to lose weight before the wedding, whether it’s intentional or not. The stress of getting organised for the big day can be all it takes to shed extra inches. So I tend to do the final fitting just a couple of weeks before the big day to ensure a perfect fit and make any last minute changes.

So this is what you get. From start to finish you are consulted at every stage to ensure you get exactly what you want.

This is what I call personal service.

From Victorian opulence to simple Art Deco chic. You can have any design you want.

From Victorian opulence to simple Art Deco chic. You can have any design you want.

Designer: Falcieri Designs
Model: Sarah-Jane Blackner (Black Bubblegum)
Photography: Adam Rhoades Photography
MUA: Charlii Platts MUA
Hair: Charlii Platts MUA/Falcieri Designs
Location: Tokyo Lincoln

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