Sunny Side Up Diaries

While fumbling around Pinterest, I happen to stumble upon this pretty typography with the following message:

Now as technically a somewhat “freelance” worker, I do get what the author of these strong words is talking about. But beware newly and still jaded grads, working for “free” can lead to certain misconceptions. Sometimes doing a work pro-bono or “free” is a matter of perception. Of course, doing free stuff (career-wise) all the time for the rest of your life does result to undervaluing yourself for the most obvious reasons that need no further elaboration.

However like I said, beware. Beware in a sense that this statement may ring true for some in some cases, but for others it may not be entirely applicable. Like I said, it’s about perception baby. Allow me to be the living proof or sample specimen of such exception to the said feisty statement. Recently I…

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