Business networking – do you brunch?

Are you a socially integrated business or do you keep your head down and get on with your work? Do you network? Do you need to network? Is there any business which doesn’t need to network?

I rely heavily on social networking and word of mouth but I haven’t yet embraced breakfast meetings and networking events on a regular basis. I know people who do use them but I’m not quite sure how they would benefit my business. What sort of people attend networking meetings in such a small place as Lincoln?

There is something magical about meeting people face to face. Any sole proprietor managing a business alone will tell you it can be a very isolating affair. And I certainly come away more buoyant and inspired when I’ve spent the day collaborating with people or comparing lifestyles and business experiences.

It’s one of the reasons I really enjoy the events and workshops that Enterprise provide in Lincoln. Just last week I attended a ‘working from home’ workshop and it was reassuring if a little depressing to find out that many of us were in the same position work-wise and finding it staying enthusiastic in an isolated environment. By comparison I felt lucky. At least I have a place of work to go to every day. Many of them only have to go from the bedroom to the spare room.

Ignite is another event on the social calendar run by Enterprise. It’s a monthly 2 hour after work session run once a month from the Enterprise building in Lincoln. There’s a speaker, a chance to network with other businesses and food – always a good lure. I’ve enjoyed the events I have managed to get to so far.

The next one is tomorrow evening when our speaker will be Kelly Evans from Social Change UK. She’s going to be discussing social responsibility, a subject I’ve recently blogged about on my previous site. I’ll be interested in what she’s got to tell us and of course get to chat to other new business start ups.  If you’re interested in attending click on the link and hit RSVP.

I’d like some recommendations for business networking meetings and events. Post your links and suggestions here and I’ll follow them up.


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