Do you need a website?

Free social networking continues to be the strongest method businesses use to keep in touch with customers as well as advertise to new ones. So what has become of the role of the website? Do you use one and what’s your hit rate? How effective is your website at finding you new customers?

I’ve had a website for sometime now. I do keep it up to date but the hit rate is low. I haven’t worried too much about this because I don’t see it as a priority place for traffic, more of a platform for the results of my work.

I rely more on my blog, Facebook page and Twitter account and these are by far and away my most active and responsive places for keeping in touch with both professionals and customers. But am I missing out by not pushing the website more?

I appreciate that approaching a company, agency or potential client where a clean look is required to get a portfolio across is far more beneficial than sending a link to a social media site. And to that end I am in the process of setting up a look book which offers a simpler initial introduction for business to business contact.

Are online look books more practical than a website? source

Online providers such as offer a professional looking online page perfect for fashion and photography but you could probably create the same thing for free using one of the many website builders out there.

As a business what do you want to see in other businesses. Do you check websites or do you tend to see what’s on Facebook? I do look at websites, but to get a feel for what a company or client is really like I am more likely to look at their page wall and see what their day to day activity is like.

Do you think a company should have a website or do you feel that social media offers a more realistic overview of a company’s activities?


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