Welcome to the new look blog

At last, I have made the jump to WordPress. I decided it was time for a new look, something a bit more professional with more edge.

From now on all blog posts will appear here. You can still view the old site at Blogspot here but all future posts will appear on this page.

I’ve also tried to bring the blog and website together. I have included links to my old websites but I have also published a ‘look book’, something a bit more condensed for business to business contact and professionals who want a quick overview of the sort of work I can do. In time I may remove the old design and styling websites if the look book proves to be a better way to get things across.


***Update as of May 2016: I have decided to migrate old Blogger posts pre this date onto WordPress to keep everything¬† together. The old Blogger site will become defunct in 2016 and you can pick up my old posts from here. Many of them relate to my time at University before I started my business and I think it’s an interesting way to track the rise of my business from idea to official earning company. ***


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