Cheaper than a glass of wine – the dress that makes me shudder

Every so often something comes along that makes me wonder why I bother.  Primark – every time I walk past my local store and see the crowds with armfuls of sub-standard bargain buys. My heart sinks. Is this what it’s come to?

Now it’s the 99p dress from OMGfashion. On face value it lacks everything – style, individuality, any element of surprise. Will it sell? Carbon copy fashion is everywhere and everyone is starting to look the same these days. This dress offers nothing new. It comes in this colour and style ONLY, in sizes 8 to 14.  OMGfashion said:

‘We recognise the fact that girls do not like to be seen in the same dress twice especially with photos circulating on social media websites. Looking good and creating a new look for each night out comes with a price tag – not any more.’ they said.

The 99p dress – meh

Of course, if everyone goes out on the same night wearing their 99p dress, it’ll be more than being seen in the same dress twice that’ll be on their minds. Depressingly, the website crashed on the day the dress went on sale.

But the first question I asked was how do they do it? Even Primark can’t sell a dress this cheaply and the quality of their finished products is dubious in my personal experience. So is this a wear-it-once and throw it away dress?

I want to know how much the fabric was?  How much the labour was and who made it and where? What’s the final finish quality like?

I think we may already know the answers to this. Articles like the one I read in the Daily Mail didn’t even raise these as concerns which surprised and worried me. Thankfully the comments column afterwards not only questioned the ethical background to the product, but also its lack of design appeal. Customers are more ethically savvy these days even if they decide to turn a blind eye when times are hard. We’ve all done it. 

So have you bought the 99p dress? And what do you think of it? Drop me a line if you did, I would LOVE to know what you think of it


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