Creative Edge

I am trying to find new inspiration to move onwards and upwards. But I’m just not feeling the love right now. I think it’s the weather and the short hours of daylight. I belong abroad once the temperatures drop.

Keeping up the momentum when you just want a break is an uphill struggle. I remind myself of what’s out there by monitoring the more creative and offbeat websites for inspiration and chatting to business friends in similar situations. I’m not seeing a lot of interesting shoots at the moment and I’m trying to streamline my Facebook newsfeed to suit so that I’m bombarded with creativity every day. The fashion magazines have also become very ‘samey’ of late and I’m finding more and more that I’m turning to creative pages rather than fashion for inspiration. These are a few. If you’re struggling to find your muse, perhaps one of these will help.

UpTempo is an online creatives fashion magazine. The quality is perfect and it varies it’s styles and contributors. There’s always something new and they do tend to theme their magazines.

Rossella Vanon Photography is still consistently producing inspiring work. Creatively sympathetic and exciting work that I’d like to add to my portfolio.

Dihaze is a digital artist producing beautifully creative images like this. Again I would love to have a bit of this in my portfolio.

Digital art by Dihaze

Superstar Fashion Network is a more general website/Facebook page devoted to fashion. It collates a lot from other places making it easier to spot the good stuff and saves me trawling websites. More often than not I’ve spotted some fabulous and fun shoots. Well worth subscribing to if you’re looking for ideas or trying to style a shoot.

Salleh Sparrow is a model who has done some really interesting work. Every so often something comes up that really rocks my socks off.

Ulorin Vex is another successful model clinching some amazing work. To be honest I’m not into the latex thing. But some of her work is stunning and it’s well worth subscribing to Facebook pages if every so often you come across results like this.

Go here for all the credits for this amazing image

I love creative hairdressing and interesting model poses and these are the sorts of shoots and websites I use as inspiration for styling my own sets. 

As a designer, there is no reason why I can’t be inspired by other designers. I love sculptured clothing design and I’m going to be concentrating on this a lot more next year as I take this year’s work onto another level. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Linda Friesen, Samantha Cole and others like them who I have found very inspirational this last year or so. 

I sometimes get millinery ideas from other designers too. But more often than not taxidermy and reclamation artists serve as a great focus for my work. My favourites in this field are EatonNott and Polly Morgan.

EatonNott’s Roadkill Couture always makes me happy (source

I would love to work with creative teams on shoots like these where I can get my designs showcased in a different way. I get very inspired when I work on exciting projects and I need more to give me the kick start I need.

I love the work I’ve done, there’s certainly been a lot of it this year. And certainly towards the end of the year I’ve been able to demonstrate my skills on a new level but I’m going to have to up the standard next year if I’m going to get noticed.

I am not a hobbyist. I am a career designer and stylist. I am trying to make a living in a highly competitive and over subscribed industry and if I’m going to get work and be respected, I need to get images like this under my belt.


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