Business survival

The year is already drawing to a close. Seriously, where did that go? I am reminded in no uncertain terms, thanks to some pretty incessant advertising, that Christmas is just over 6 weeks away. The pressure is on.

I’ve been running my business officially now for just over four months and I’ve already been in my new studio at The Friary in Lincoln for two months. Again, where did that go?

It’s been a fairly hectic season since Uni wound up in June. I’ve been involved in several large scale projects, most of them photoshoots. Some have promised much but sadly failed to come through after completion (I guess that’s the way it goes) and getting published, let alone paid, is hard in today’s current climate. But there’s no doubt a lot of work was completed and the results are pretty evident.

Design wise it doesn’t feel like it’s been as fast paced. But looking back I have produced two small collections which have showcased on four catwalks and have hopefully demonstrated the direction I want to go in. Expanding on these collections and inspiring some commissions from them is one way forward.

New directions

Individual commissions are now the focus as in order for the business to be a success, clearly it must make money. Sales of current stock so I can clear my rails to make way for new work is part of the plan. I’ve now opened up an Etsy store which hopefully will help to shift some of these creations. It’s mostly re-enactment wear from my previous existence but I’m loathe to give any away. There are many hours of labour involved in these historically accurate pieces and I’d rather hang on to them than lose them for silly money.

As party season is now upon us festive party dresses are on the agenda. I’ve started on a selection of fun and formal wear for all sorts of work do’s and party gatherings, partly inspired by the designs from my second collection ‘Diva’. Hopefully they will catch the eye of those looking for something unique. They’ll be on Etsy too soon.

Party season – what will you wear?

I’m also starting to look further ahead to set up a few shoots in my new studio space and planning how I can host a fashion show or two there to showcase my work to a more local populous. This and more local press attention will hopefully up my profile here. Whilst my work this year has kept up my online presence I am now going through a quiet time shoot wise whilst I get some commissions and design work completed and it’s easy to get forgotten once you stop posting.


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