What’s the big deal with pin up?

Copyright: Dangerpics

Pin up style dresses are one of the most common custom requests I am asked for. And it’s no wonder because it has to be one of the most flattering, easy to wear styles out there because it works for all shapes, sizes, ages and lifestyles.

You can make them in almost any fabric, any length, any style and dress it up or down for any occasion. It also transfers well from street wear to party dresses to wedding gowns.

I have styled and made pin up dresses from sizes 6 to 22 – tailor made to individual measurements and they never fail to impress. A dress that fits perfectly always gets noticed and makes a huge difference to its wearer. And that is the beauty of custom made.

The 1950s were a fabulous boom time. The western world was recovering from the last effects of WWII. Rationing finally ended in 1953, women were in the work place and the music was distinctly rock and roll.

Copyright: Rei Bennett Photography

It’s an era that never seems to die. Still in living memory and with a whole new generation of fashion conscious consumers it shows no sign of going out of style. And a number of clothing companies around the world have built their reputation on it.

It’s also a huge hit for photoshoot material – from classic pin up to alternative rockabilly. The colours pop, you can be as cheesecake as you like and the shoes and hairstyles are to die for.

Pin up is always great fun. It inspires a confidence and enthusiasm I don’t always see with other shoot styles. So bring it on. If it’s captured your imagination and you want a completely unique dress for the party season made to your measurements, you know where to come.

Copyright: Dangerpics


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