Business or Personal Facebook pages – you decide

I read a very interesting blog the other day by Evie Wolfe. It’s something I’ve always been acutely aware of. Getting the balance right between your personal and business profiles on Facebook is very tricky. Invariably the lines between business and friends does get blurred sometimes, especially if you work regularly with the same people and the boundaries change.

I’ve now shifted the majority of my business contacts over to my business page and removed them from my personal profile. This is tricky when people run their business through their personal site but wherever possible I have gravitated people over to the other profile and found their own business pages and hit like. If they don’t have one, well I did send a ‘like’ request.

There’s no doubt I have definitely made decisions not to work with people based on the content of their newsfeeds. Whining, complaining, bitchy or downright dodgy updates by models, photographers or indeed anyone I might have considered working with always make me think twice. Sometimes I have ignored the status updates, worked with the person and regretted it.


Whilst I don’t use my personal profile to vent about anything very much (who wants to read that anyway??) I don’t particularly want business contacts seeing the mundane updates on my day to day life or hearing about my gripes with British Gas.

Not because I think it’s particularly controversial, but simply because why would you want to read about that if all you need to know is whether I can supply the clothes and turn up for the shoot on time?

For those professionals I know as friends, that’s fine. We’ve gone past the point of occasional shoots and know each other well enough to tell the difference between personal and business.

So if I’ve disappeared from your friends list, don’t take it personally. It’s just that I don’t know why you would want to know what goes on after the studio lights go out. And if you accepted my business page ‘like’ request, you’ll still be reading this blog.


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