Latest update – now to Christmas

Things have felt rather quiet and perhaps a little slow lately and I suspect my Facebook business page is reflecting that right now.

I’ve completed quite a few shoots over the last couple of months, mostly for online publication and we’re waiting to hear back from several magazines hence you won’t have seen many of the results yet. It’s a shame because they are stunning but  they will be well worth the wait.

I am now gearing up for the Bram Stoker Film Festival fashion show on 25th October. For the three days after that I’ll be running a sales stand at the event and clearing as much stock as possible.

Over the last couple of weeks and up to the 25th of this month I’ll be mostly concentrating on the final preparations for this event hence there’s not a huge amount going on in other areas. November and December will change all that.

We’ve all felt the pinch lately in the industry. I’ve been talking to contacts and friends and times are definitely hard for creatives right now. I’ve not been in a position to take on any exclusively TF work lately and sadly I think this is going to be standard format for a while. Likewise colleagues are also having to turn down TF work and it’s understandable. There does come a time when you have to say no.

Whilst shooting is fun and getting creative is important when your job is being just that – creative – putting shoots together when you need an income is hard. Sometimes no matter how much you want to, you just can’t if you’re not getting magazine space or earning an hourly rate.

I do have some paid and published shoots scheduled for October and early November though. This is good news. Of course, more space in my shoot diary means I am able to concentrate more on commission work and one off pieces for sale.

So if you’re looking for a custom outfit or creation or see something on my website that you already want, let me know. I’ll be taking on work between now and the end of the year, particularly handy if you’re looking for that special party dress for the festive season and just can’t find what you want.

I am also taking bookings for wedding dresses and already have several scheduled. If you’re looking for something completely unique, off the wall or just perfect for you, let me know. In many cases commissioning an individual gown works out cheaper than buying ready made and invariably you will get a more personal service.  You might surprise yourself so drop me a line to find out more.


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