First Steps for Sainsburys

On Sunday 17th September myself, Rei Bennett, Kat Green, Flawless by Sangeeta and Lucille Needles (the behind the scenes team) took on probably our biggest challenge yet.  Preen, pamper, style and dress 13 of the beautiful people from the First Steps charity, turn them into pinup Kings and Queens for a day and shoot a 12 month calendar in the Derby branch of Sainsburys, all in less than 12 hours and with less than two weeks of preparation.

But we like a challenge. And we did it.

First Steps is a Derby based charity set up to raise awareness and give support to anyone whose lives have been affected by any eating difficulty or disorder. They offer a full programme of support and it is clear they do invaluable work for the people and families they help. For the girls and guys of First Steps taking the decision to model for the calendar (which goes on sale in the Midlands area later this year) has been a huge challenge and a step into the unknown. But their confidence, flair and sheer enthusiasm proved that you can summount any challenge if you face it head on.

I’ve been reading the messages of thanks post shoot and it’s true that we did something quite wonderful on Sunday. One message really summed it up for me and just how important this day has been.

‘…..It has been such fun, enlightening, empowering, watching ourselves 
transform from 2012 girls into ‘vintage chic’. What an awesome team, pulling 
together, supporting each other, going with the flow, trusting, having faith in 
each other!!! What a show we all pulled off. Thank you Thank you!!! 
Recovery Rocks!! We rock girls and boys!!!. 

I asked to pull this from the Facebook group page set up for the calendar team because I couldn’t possibly have put it any better.

Huge thanks go to the ladies and gents who benefit from the charity’s work and were brave enough to step in front of the camera: Lucy Bramley – Olivia Sloley – Marc Thrasivoulou – Laura Bird – Catherine Thomson, Lauren Hind – Megan Griffiths – Louise Leonard – Sophie Walker – Annie Cooper – Sophie Brown.

To Danielle Sinclair and Cathy Cleary who work for First Steps and also lent their modelling skills on the day and to the behind the scenes organisation in advance.

Special thanks as well to the staff at Sainsburys in Derby for assisting both in front of and behind the camera and for putting up with us after the shop closed for the day!

And of course to the team behind the scenes.

The First Steps / Sainsburys 2013 calendar goes on sale later this year. Watch this space – I will post up details of where you can buy your copy just as soon as it goes on sale. Support the charity and help keep valuable groups like this going. It’s been an amazing experience.

Stars for a day (copyright: Rei Bennett Photography)

One response to “First Steps for Sainsburys

  1. Wow Wow Wow Claudia, I am so glad I have seen this, at last, how did I miss it first time round….??? Gosh it's amazing, to see us all on here, on your blog and soon to be in a calendar to raise lots of pennies for FSD….I am still in awe of the day, of all of us, those in the pics and all of you transforming us into utter beauties….as I sit here in my mufty this evening I seriously can't believe that is me on the day…I can now understand why Madonna likes to change her image…it was such fun and brought out a side in me I didn't know existed…. (well maybe I did, but it was well and truly buried)….thank you again Claudia…phenomenal….xx

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