I am going to have a little rant here. I try not to on my professional page, but this is something that is coming up time and time again so I’m going to have a little moan on behalf of, not only myself, but a number of other industry people.

Credits on images are REALLY important. Many of the amazing images you see on our websites, on Facebook and those that make it to publishing or promotional advertising are produced free of charge by a hard working team. Often the only compensation is the image that gets circulated and the name that is attached to it and if you don’t credit images properly or tag or whatever it is that states who has worked on that project, you have effectively taken away from the model, photographer, MUA, stylist, designer or post production editor their only payment for that project.

Not the right credit but at least I credited it (source)

Please people – CREDIT! Over credit, but do not under credit. It is is vital for those people and very often secures them their next shoot or project. If you don’t, well we may not want to work with you the next time you ask.

If you have worked on a shoot you will know the hours that go into it, not only on the day but often the weeks or MONTHS of planning and post production that are involved to make sure everything on the day goes to plan  and the final results are of the highest standard possible.

So please bear this in mind. Thank you.

End of rant.


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