Helmut Newton

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I have a thing about lighting and pose. They are my two favourite elements of a really good shoot but getting the balance right isn’t always easy and some ideas don’t always work out. Models need to be natural, confident and creative and the photographer has to be sensitive to texture, angle and giving clear direction from his or her point of view.

Peter Ferguson is one of those photographers with whom I can totally empathise on work styles. I worked with him earlier in the year when we photographed Ivory Flame. And I was looking forward to another chance to work along side him. Not long ago he contacted me to style a Helmut Newton inspired shoot – a genre I have been hoping to do for some time. If you know Helmut Newton’s work you will know that this combines all those things I really love.

And so on 23rd August we met once again at the fabulous TrueDefinition Studios at Hallam Mill with a new team – models Darta Kazusa and ZombieCandy and the amazingly fast Kat Green as our MUA, who I worked with on the Sophie Lancaster Calendar shoots and subsequently on a variety of genres.

We devised 6 potential themes and managed to get 5 of them shot in just a few hours plus individual portraits. All shot in black and white these stunning fetish style fashion and art nude images to me, exude Newton’s individual style without being a copycat reproduction of his iconic images.

Fetish and art nude is not something I shy away from, but getting just the right combination of elements is a fine line between art and tacky borderline porn. To me, these images say it all. I hope you agree.


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