Creative space

If there is one thing that working from home has taught me, it’s that I cannot work from home. Three months of living and working in one space have not made for a very creative atmosphere, although the results of my recent work might suggest otherwise.

But help has a habit of coming along just when you really need it and thanks to someone with the right contacts, I have just taken possession of very affordable studio space in the centre of Lincoln.

And what could be more inspiring than working in a 12th century Friary? Situated just behind the main library, the upper level of the recently occupied heritage building in Grey Friars hosts up to 10 artists working in various mediums whilst the atmospheric ground floor operates as exhibition space for ongoing projects and visiting artists.


This historic building remains the oldest friary building in England and one of the earliest surviving examples in Europe. Throughout its long history it has also existed as a freeschool, prison, mechanics institute and a wool factory. It was used as the city and council museum from 1907 to 2004 when the museum moved to purpose built space at ‘The Collection‘.

Since then the Friary has stood empty (source), but earlier this year the lease was taken on by the Beacon Art Project and the building opened as an artists studio space.

For me, it means having a place of work to go to everyday. I can separate my work and home life and it will make me more productive again and also mean I have other creative people to talk to and be inspired by.

The tricky task of shifting my studio from one place to another begins very shortly and it’s about this time I realise just how much I have and wonder how on earth I have managed to live with it in one space so far.


Most of the units at the Friary have now been taken but there are still one or two left so if you or anyone you know is looking for a very affordable studio drop me a line. 

For more information on the Friary in Lincoln and the Beacon Art Project check out the links below.

The Beacon Art Project
Article on The Friary in the Lincolnite


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