A general update – what we’ve been doing of late….

I was a bit surprised to see I’ve not posted here since 2nd August. My how time flies! That’s no way to run a blog! If you follow me on Facebook however, you will know I have been far from idle.

Post Sophie Lancaster most of my time has been spent adding the final touches to my business and getting used to working full time from home. It’s a tricky learning curve and I’m probably still spending more time doing admin and Facebook than actual making, designing or attending shoots. But that’s okay because things are on the turn now that I’ve found my creative edge again post University. I’m still averaging at least one shoot a week and my design room looks, well, busy!

Now that that calendar is in the can (due for release in October so watch this space for details) the number of shoots I’ve been completing has gone down significantly which makes my online activity seem a little slow. But this is because I am able to be more picky about the shoots I do rather than that I’m not getting the work. TF work is sadly almost completely out of the question these days. Every penny counts and I have rent and bills to pay. As you might expect there is a fine line where profit is concerned. Let me just say that I will work for publication and MONEY. I’m not afraid to say I am attracted by fame and fortune.

I do have a few shoots coming up that involve both. So, again, watch this space for the results because they are going to be fabulous.

Design wise I am working on a number of things at the moment. Primarily I am expanding my 2012 ‘Beyond Couture’ collection which I showcased here in June and I have been inspired into producing a new limited concept range which you are going to just love.

I’ve also been working on some new millinery pieces which will be incorporated into some of the shoots I am doing over the next couple of months and will then be available for purchase.

I am also gearing up for the Bram Stoker Film Festival catwalk fashion show at the end of October which will showcase a huge range of my work. I’ll then be selling all my stock over the 3 days of the festival. You have been warned!

Day to day I am working on commissions for private clients and for up and coming  collaborations so behind the scenes I am as busy as ever! This is a very good thing.

I have some very creatively strong teams to work with and I’m already excited about results that haven’t even been made yet! I know they will be perfect because I know the teams I am working with and the high standard they all work to.

Aside from all this I need to be concentrating on advertising, marketing and agency representation. Anyone with a creative job should have an agency of sorts hawking their wares to potential clients if they are going to cast their net far and wide and get their foot in the right doors. Thankfully there is an agency for everything and I’m working on one or two interesting leads at the moment which is very exciting so early on in the life of my business.

Publication is a particular concentration of mine at the moment particularly within concept and fashion and with the number of publications now out there I’m sure it’s not going to be long before we’re in print again.

So that’s where I am at the moment. I will be blogging about shoots again very soon. All my up and coming projects are very different and cover a range of genres from art nude to alternative to urban fashion and concept.

If you want to collaborate and can offer me money or publication, do drop me a line. I’m always looking for something new and interesting. If you see creations which inspire you to put a shoot together let me know. We’re here to push the boundaries and have creative fun!


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