The Sophie Lancaster Foundation Calendar 2013 final round up

Three months, 12 shoots and 1802 miles later and I’ve completed my part in the SLF Calendar shoot for 2013. The statistics are actually quite shocking. 5832 photographs taken, countless hours spent on post production, hundreds of pounds spent in travel and expenses and over 76 individual artistes have also gone into the team work that has produced the images you will see when the calendar goes on sale later this year.

Rei Bennett Photography – if only these walls could talk!

The hours spent organising, dealing with admin, sourcing locations, clothing and the necessary people to fulfill all the roles are just some of the factors you may not have considered when you see the final product.

Post production is now underway on the remaining images before they are submitted in preparation for final printing. It’s been a long few months and the shoots have been very complicated at times.

We’re extremely thankful to the people who have helped us out and there are many many of them. A special hats off to those who helped us out at short notice when we were let down and huge thanks to the three people who were consistently there piecing everything together, coordinating, producing and finalising the entire project – Evie Wolfe, Rei Bennett and myself. It wouldn’t have happened without us! And I am not ashamed to say that.

Here are some of the highlights to remind you of the huge amount of time, effort and sheer talent that has gone into producing this very special calendar for a very special cause – The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.


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