The Sophie Lancaster Foundation Calendar 2012 update

Well, we are now half way through the calendar shoot schedule and what a journey it’s turning into! When we started to think about this project earlier in the year we knew it was going to be a lot of work, it couldn’t be anything else!

But with a core team of just three (Evie Wolfe who has valiantly co-ordinated everything to date), Rei Bennett in charge of photography and myself as the chief stylist), it’s been a huge undertaking organising a whole host of models, makeup artists, accessory designers, hairstylists and clothing designers as well as finding a number of locations to suit each calendar theme. Where we haven’t needed them we have been lucky enough to have the use of Rei’s studio in Derby – a vital landing point when we have needed it!  Plus, there’s all the post production work choosing and editing the final images which will appear in the calendar.

Everyone involved so far has had a great time. There’s no doubt the shoots have been enormous fun. But the amount of effort that goes in behind the scenes has been phenomenal and it needs everyone to put in 100% effort to ensure each shoot comes off successfully.

We’re keeping the results under wraps. You’ll have to buy the calendar when it comes out at the end of the year! But we have circulated a few sneak peeks to whet your appetites. I’ve included a few here for you and there will be more to follow.

Most importantly we must not forget the enormously good cause that this calendar is being produced in aid of – The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. You can find out all about the foundation and its reason for being here.

I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has been involved to date – far too many to name here. The credits will be on the calendar! And there’s no denying the biggest thank you has to go to Evie Wolfe who has been responsible for all the behind the scenes organisation, admin, coordination, phone calls, paperwork, digital wizardry required for some of the post production and is the point of call for the foundation itself.

For updates on our progress check into Facebook and look for Evie Wolfe Modelling, Rei Bennett Photography and Falcieri Designs. If you want to get involved there may still be time so please contact us! There are still six shoots to go!

We wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for everyone who comes under one of the above titles. Enormous thanks to everyone, you are stars, angels and god-sends to us and the foundation. :)


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