It is now almost 3 years since I started my Fashion degree at the University of Lincoln. A lot has happened in that time, so much I hardly know where to start, so I will leave it your imagination and let my work speak for itself. Probably the most important and productive aspect of the last few years has been my styling and photographic work outside of my degree, although much of my study work has dovetailed into my professional work and has kept me enthusiastic and moving forward.

Since I did my very first shoot in May 2010 I have worked with more than 40 different photographers on over 90 different shoots with probably over 100 models and numerous hairstylists and makeup artists. There have been a lot of one off’s but I have also formed many alliances who I think are going to last my whole career, worked regularly with returning artists and explored a range of styles and concepts. Hopefully I have also helped to promote some very talented people starting out.

The last two years have been spent nurturing my business, making contacts, building up a portfolio and my reputation and ensuring that once I go into business I won’t have to accept free work to keep myself busy. Certainly it doesn’t seem like I am going to have any trouble staying occupied.

I have two amazing ‘good cause’ projects to keep my hand in with photographic work throughout the summer – the ‘Sophie Lancaster Foundation Calendar for 2012’ and the ‘Beauty Through Damage’ project and I have a long list of manufacture commissions to get started on.

I have also been lucky enough this past week to get myself a place on the Enterprise@Lincoln business start up scheme which means I will have business mentoring and back up for the first year to help me through the most difficult time.

In just one week I am finally going it alone. Three years and a life time of hopes and dreams are now pinned on what happens post 14th May and it’s a terrifying prospect. My work now has to pay my living in every sense of the word. D-Day is finally here.


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