Feathers and neck corsets

On Saturday my ol’ partner in crime Sarah Raymond photographed some of my latest millinery creations. We cobbled together a corner of my dining room as an impromptu studio, drafted in model Paige Hall and a fabulous new MUA Emily Beevers and created five looks in the afternoon.

These pieces form part of an ongoing project I have for 2012 creating millinery out of full bird wings. They are supposed to be experimental, conceptual and just – well – different. I’ve been really pleased with these first results.

Additionally I have begun experimenting with neck corsetry – tailoring and body moulding being things I am particularly interested in. This one, made in black velvet and trimmed in black eel skin leather, forms part of my ‘Alter Me Up’ collection which goes on stage in Birmingham in just a week and a half. It is actually a prototype and I’ve been really pleased with the results. I aim to explore this further.

Emily Beevers has been a fabulous find since replying to a casting I put out on Model Mayhem last month. The quality of her work is fabulous and I am really looking forward to putting more shoots her way soon.

These are just a few tasters of the looks we photographed. There will be more enroute soon!

Photography: Sarah Raymond Photography
Model: Paige Hall
MUA/Hair: Emily Beevers MUA
Additional Hair Styling: Falcieri Designs
Millinery: Falcieri Designs
Neckwear: Falcieri Designs


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