Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 18 months since I last worked with Joceline Brooke-Hamilton. It’s been far too long between shoots with such a fun, versatile and incredibly professional model. Thankfully Thursday 8th March was a revisit with some fantastic and varied themes. Ariel, Alma Tadema, Moulin Rouge and the Fifth Element served as inspiration for four completely different looks in four hours.

Yes that is quite a lot of work but when you’re creating with such a professional team, it’s not so hard and it’s always great fun. Working at Worksop Photographic Studios is always enormously productive and they provide the perfect atmosphere to get a huge amount done. Thanks to Pete and John for their help as always! The combination of Falcieri Designs, Dangerpics and Di Dakin is always a good one and we had a great time.

When I saw the rushes I was genuinely shocked at just how able Joceline is. Never has someone moulded so well to such a variety of characters and themes in one session. But then she is a professional actress and dancer as well as a model and it shows in everything she does.

These are just a few of the images that I will post up over time. Additionally there is going to be some exciting post production from Wolfe Manipulations which I will blog once they are complete.

Photography: Dangerpics
Model: Joceline Brooke-Hamilton
MUA and Hairstylist: Di Dakin
Clothing Designer and Stylist: Falcieri Designs
Studio: Worksop Photographic Studio


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