When I first met Renée it was at Cafe Portico and we were discussing the up coming Sleeves Boutique Fashion Show taking place in Lincoln in May. And I thought, okay, so I have to work with you. Have you ever done any modelling???

Finding the right outfits for someone as stunning and individual as Renée, something that works with her unique look could be easy or it could be really hard. She can do so many looks. But choosing outfits that really compliment her is another matter. She has an edge that gives what she is wearing a Dior or Westwood feel and I knew it needed something classy yet progressive.

I first picked on one of the third year fashion students in my year, Sam Lea, whose specialty is bridalwear. As part of one of our summer projects during our degree we created outfits to send down a mini in-house catwalk. Sam made a fantastic taffeta silk bubble dress that needed an edgy finish and I had been eyeing it for some time before meeting Renée.

And of course, you can’t just shoot one outfit when you’ve gone to all that effort so I asked her to model the last two dresses from my ‘Alter Me Up’ collection which previews on the catwalk in Birmingham later this month.

Again, it’s a style that fits her look but takes it out of its safe zone, the clothing and the fascinator are just quirky and different enough for it to all balance out.

Sarah Raymond’s photography, as ever, added all the right elements to the final images. She has an eye for depth of field, flattering angles, detailing and a sensitivity to the subject matter that sets it all off perfectly. This was an ideal combination of elements.

I hope you enjoy the results. I think she’s fabulous and I’m looking forward to working with her again soon.

Photography: Sarah Raymond Photography
Model: Renée Burke
Hair and Makeup: Renée Burke
Clothing Designers: Sam Lea and Falcieri Designs
Millinery: Falcieri Designs
Stylist: Falcieri Designs


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