Ivory Flame

When I met Ivory Flame at Hallam Mill Studios in Stockport on Monday, she was on the last of a 5 day round of bookings at various studios around the North West. Now, I’m not a one to gush about celebrities or those in the public eye. We all have a job to do, it’s just that some people have different jobs to the rest of us. But Ivory Flame is definitely someone I had always wanted to work with.

So when I got a message from Peter Ferguson to shoot with her and MUA Kiera Harrison in Stockport there was just no way I was going to turn it down. Peter’s inspiration, strangely, was a dress I was just completing for the ‘Alter Me Up‘ runway show in Birmingham at the end of the month. It was clearly meant to be.

We rendeavoused at Hallam Mill Studios on Monday 5th March for a 2 hour session for potentially two looks. As you can see, the results were far more inspiring and wide ranging than we could have hoped for, but that’s what you get when you work with professional focused people.

These are the shoots that make everything I do worth while. I hope you like them as much as I love them.

Photography: Peter M Ferguson
Model: Ivory Flame
Styling and clothing design: Falcieri Designs
MUA: Kiera-louise MUA
Location: Hallam Mill Studios

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