Tokyo revisited

There are times when photoshoots dictate themselves and no matter how much you plan or how far in advance, things change which are out of your hands. I tend to go with it because I think everything happens for a reason. Well, it’s a philosophy of sorts.

When a week before a shoot, I realised I was without a model and then just a few days later lost my MUA due to ill health, I pressed on. I still had a great venue, a stylist, plenty of outfits, a second designer and a great photographer. Soon I had also acquired a very enthusiastic new model who really saved the day for us. She could do her own makeup and I was happy to add my ‘limited’ hair styling skills to the fray. I guess this constitutes a team right?

And so on 18th February we revisited the Tokyo nightclub in Lincoln with an entirely new team consisting of our new model Charlotte Barnes, designs, millinery and styling of my own, the photographer Rick Nunn and introducing new designer Re-Fashioned who has an intriguing knack for recycling men’s ties into colourful dresses.

I was looking for high fashion, texture and interesting use of light. The combination of Charlotte’s striking looks and natural ability in front of the camera and Rick’s high quality photography has made for a really beautiful set of images.

Over three and a half hours we completed five looks, all very different. I think it’s probably one of my favourite sets. I hope you agree.


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