Varga – Halo style

When Halo Haynes advertised on her Facebook page for a team to help her with a pin-up shoot I jumped at it. As I’ve said before, I love taking models out of their usual genres and giving them a whole new range. And whilst Halo does have range and an edgy style, I was sure there was another level that still had to be tapped in to.
And so myself and John Pirrie of Dangerpics put together our Varga wish list for a shoot at Worksop Photographic Studios on the 23rd January. Our aim was colour – really striking colour and that typical Varga look. Of course we had to bring in Di Dakin – pin-up makeup and hair extraordinaire! It’s a combination that always works and we were really looking forward to getting back with the gang at WPS.
I made up a lime green polka dot infinity dress, recycled a body con from a previous shoot and rustled up some Varga style lingerie and a length of cream jersey fabric. Halo kindly agreed to dye her hair orange for the occasion because I had become fixated with visions of a ginger Marilyn Monroe.
Halo is probably one of the most versatile models I’ve ever worked with. She works the camera well, is full of creative ideas and completely at ease in the studio. Coupled with John’s relaxed attitude and studio banter we produced some really amazing results over four looks.
I think by the end we were all a little bit in love with Halo Haynes. I’m sure you will be too.




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