You’re Going The Wrong Way

I’ve recently been reading the journal articles of Carl King. He is creative in several fields and writes about the various aspects of his work amongst other things. He wrote a fascinating entry back in December called ‘You Should Judge Your Own Work’ which basically commented on some of the reactions he’d had to a piece he’d written. Some of them were poles apart and it is a timely reminder that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Lady Gaga – quirky style icon you just can’t pigeon-hole

I’m thinking about the direction my business is taking. One of the problems is that I don’t have any defined style, I cover a multitude of genres and working methods. It’s something that has been bugging me for a while but was solidified by a friend of mine I met in town the other day. And she’s right, I need to get clearly defined as both a designer and a stylist. The problem with doing everything is that it makes you hard to pigeon-hole and, I fear, harder to employ since clients (for the styling work at least) might not think I fit with their remit. And whilst I don’t particularly want to be pigeon-holed I have to make a living and make the business successful and at the end of the day commercial is where the money is right now.

So I’ve had to make some hard decisions now that I’m entering the real world of business. At the end of March I will be knocking TF work on the head as far as I can. I can’t afford to dig into my own pocket for shoots as this is soon to become my only income and I have bills to pay, a roof to put over my head and a business to fund.

Additionally, I need to make sure the work I am presenting is of the right standard to attract paying clients. To help with this I have separated out the design and styling parts of my service. I’ve just launched my Stylist website which hopefully has a much more commercial feel to it.

Alexander McQueen –
definitely quirky

Of course, it’s all still a bit of a risk. Noone wants to miss a trick. When I returned to Uni last September for my final year I had decided that statement wear and fashion were going to be my final destination, but since then the concept work has really taken off and I’m loathe to give up creative opportunity particularly when I’m enjoying it so much.

Perhaps I am being too harsh on myself. Maybe concept is statement and therefore fashion. My inspiration has often been Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga, both in the high-end fashion area but also progressive, quirky and definitely not mainstream. Finding your own individual style, making your mark and being financially successful whilst still enjoying your creativity are a tricky set of balls to juggle. I am expecting there to be some trial and error, I’m just thankful I’ve spent the last two years getting this far!


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