Is shape the new size?

This article from Drapers was flagged up on my Twitter today. I’ve heard of these 3D body scanners that they’re putting in shops now but I suppose it was more the title of the article that got me wondering where on earth fashion has been for the last ten years.

As a clothing designer and the proud owner of an hour glass shape I know how hard it is to find clothes that actually fit. Unless you are one of the androgynous new generation born without more than a handful up top or child bearing hips you will already know that fashion outlets cater very poorly for women with shapely (or what I sometimes call vintage) figures whether they are a size 10 or a size 20.

I have had countless conversations with gorgeously curvaceous girls who just can’t get clothes to fit properly. You always have to compromise, usually on baggy waistlines that lose all that fabulous curve and then you have to tie it up with a belt to get that shape back. Trousers – I just don’t even bother any more.

I have to buy a size bigger in anything with a fitted waist and then set to work with the sewing machine. If nothing else my skills have been a godsend in that respect. Most of the time, I just buy vintage off ebay or local outlets or make my own.

Tailor-made conjures up images of expensive. But it doesn’t have to. Yes you will have to pay more. But have you seen the quality on the high street these days????  I used to swear by New Look for clothing for real figures but over the last year or so have been appalled at the poor finish quality on most garments – not just here but in most of the high street brand outlets. It all seems to be about profit these days. Which is very sad.

My best friend and me (formerly a machine line worker for brands such as M&S) often trawl the shops in Nottingham and we spend more time tutting at the quality of the manufacture than we do looking at the actual clothes. Rarely we buy anything.

As consumers we have been conditioned that high street is cheap. But if you’re going to buy a dress for £15 or £20 to be honest what do you expect? If you can buy a pair of trousers in Primark for a tenner, how long do you think they’re going to last? And still they don’t quite fit.

But if f you’re really struggling to find clothes why not get bespoke? You’ll end up with something tailored to your exact measurements, will be far better made, and more importantly you’ll be the only one to ever own it. Because unique is beautiful.


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