The incurable workaholic and the holiday conundrum

I used to have a boss who, whenever he went on holiday, would call in at least every other day with work to be done, to check work, to start or complete work or simply to check the business hadn’t come crashing down around our ears whilst he was away. We all rolled our eyes in the office and said, ‘Blimey his wife must be sick of him!’ And although I appreciated where he was coming from I was a more relaxed employee then and business ownership was still very much a pipedream.

Things going exceptionally right, ‘too good to miss’ opportunities and the adrenalin rush I get from my work only encourage my excessive workaholic tendencies these days. I just can’t help myself. I love what I do, what else can I say. Should I be apologising for it anyway?

Hence I have committed the cardinal sin and taken work with me on my Christmas break. I simply can’t help it. It was just a tiny bit of sewing (I promise), although blog write ups (here I am!), admin and shoot organisation have so far punctuated the festivities ever so slightly.

I had posted a casting call on Model Mayhem for a team to shoot with whilst I was down south for Christmas week and although that fell through it did result in the shoot I’m doing in London on January 16th and meant I would more importantly be at home for Christmas. This has been a good thing. So far I have slept well, eaten heartily and drunk good alcohol.

So, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m logging off now. I don’t suppose I will be gone for long but I am not planning on checking in on line at all on Christmas Day. I haven’t even switched on my phone today – an accomplishment of which I am rightly proud.  I CAN do wind down, truly I can. Here, at home with my family I am a captive audience, and enjoying it just ever so slightly. So this is me signing off until after Christmas. I hope you all have a restful and peaceful time, spend quality time with family and loved ones and recharge the batteries for a productive and positive 2012. Merry Christmas everyone.

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