Nuptials and the pretty dresses that complete them

It’s been extremely remiss of me that one of my specialties is bespoke high end wedding dress design and yet I have none on my website. Apologies, this is very poor advertising on my part. And so for the last month or so I have been organising a shoot to re-dress the balance.

On 17th December it finally happened. I put together a fantastic team in the guise of Adam Rhoades PhotographyDarena Stoda Photography (videographer for the day and in-house photographer at Tokyo), Charlii Martin MUA and Black Bubblegum aka Sarah-Jane Blackner – who I pulled out of her usual genres for this classy princess style couture shoot.

I constructed a Victorian style hair piece from false hair extensions and with Charlii’s help we managed to anchor it to the model’s own hair and entwine it with strings of pearls. It’s quite something. The icing on the cake was that we managed to get our foot in the door at the fabulous Tokyo nightclub in Lincoln – it’s a venue I have fallen in love with as it retains many of its Grade II listed Victorian architectural features inside. I’m planning to use it again over the next few months for a range of styles.

The dress featured, which I made back in 2003, was inspired by a ‘House of Worth’ gown from 1881 but it is not an exact replica. Made from heavy weight duchess satin, a steel boned corset bodice with a lace up back and with a train edged with scalloped layers of handmade lace and pleated duchess satin folds, it cost about £750 in fabrics. It’s a real statement piece if you’re into unique luxury wedding dresses or period style gowns. It was entirely hand finished by me and was definitely a labour of love but oh so worth it.

The results are quite special – exactly what I was hoping for. Sarah-Jane was the perfect choice for this type of shoot. She has an elegance and demeanor that befits the gown and the location entirely and I’m so pleased I managed to book her. So well done to the whole team!

Darena even produced a behind the scenes video to accompany the shoot which brings the whole day to life. Click here to see it. More photos to follow!


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