It’s a dirty word but someone has to mention it

So, I went to see an accountant today and we talked about that dirty word ‘money’. Yes, reality is almost here and I will be running a professional full time business in the next 6 months. An accountant to keep an eye on the legal and financial side of things would be a good idea. I am business minded, there’s no two ways about it. And by the time we had finished our meeting he was in no doubt I knew what I was talking about and where I was going.

And it occurred to me that I’ve really been rather lucky all things considered. Being at Uni, and thus having (albiet limited) funds means I have pretty much been able to pick and choose who I want to work with. If there was no money involved, well that was tough but I at least I still had the results to flash around. I’ve been padding out my portfolio predominantly on freebies for a while now but that’s absolutely fine because the results speak for themselves and it’s advertising I couldn’t get from anywhere else. I enjoy a TF as much as a paid shoot. Often the freebies are better.

But in six months time this is not going to be an option. The reality is there isn’t going to be much room for TF work in the near future. Sadly I know this means most of my styling work is going to drop off as there’s always someone in the queue behind you willing to do it for nothing. Which is why I am getting in all the great shoots now, because once I’m commanding a £20 ph rate (negotiable) I’m not going to be getting the sorts of offers I’m enjoying at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I do get paid styling work now, but not as many as I’m doing TF.

I can swallow that on a day to day basis, I know that’s the way it’s going to be. Thankfully all the money is in the design side of the business and I’m relieved to say I’ve never had to make anything for nothing. To be honest I wouldn’t even consider it.

So I’m going to bite the bullet and impose a cut off point of 1st March for TF styling work. If you’re wanting to work with me and you don’t want to pay you’d better get your skates on. January is already fully booked which only leaves February to make yourself known to me.


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