Simple fashion always a winner

I love working with models who are operating outside of their normal discipline. So when I got the shout from one of my favourite photographers Ched53 to style a simple fashion shoot with the gorgeous Camilla-Rose Helley it was definitely not a collaboration to be missed!

This was my second shoot with Aaron (Ched53). He produces stunning, simple, clean and honest images with edge which I just adore and his professional yet approachable attitude is a win win in my book.

Camilla is predominantly an art nude model who can create some pretty awesome ‘shapes’. She’s entirely at home in her own skin (which I admire incredibly) and has the most approachable and happy disposition of anyone I’ve ever met.

Anna Stephenson’s simple yet enhancing hair and makeup additions just set the whole look off perfectly. It’s teamwork!

We styled up four simple unfussy looks based on Aaron’s moodboard using denim, baggy shirts and vest tops, all the rest of the work was in the pose! You can tell the team just gelled, the results are perfect.

I hope you enjoy them! These are a major asset to my fashion styling portfolio. Fingers crossed I get to work with these guys again sometime.


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