Social networking

Back in the summer I posted this link from uTube. It still blows my mind how huge social media has become and how it has influenced our lives and the way we manage them. Not that I am complaining. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have done my business wonders of that I am sure. Customers are finding me, not me advertising in a conscious way. It makes my life easier in one respect and helps to increase my chances of success in an uncertain world.

Never was the social aspect of using social media to improve your business more obvious than the weekend I have just spent in Nottingham and Derby in the company of the fabulous Evie Wolfe – one of the most inspiring people I have ever met and a hugely talented model (amongst her many many talents). Thanks to Facebook I am about to collaborate with Evie on one of the most exciting shoots I have done this year. All will be revealed in due course but my lips are sealed for the moment!

As well as delivery of a very important creation for said shoot, we attended a VIP evening on the Saturday to celebrate the opening of Artifex Studios, a fantastic new all-in-one multimedia studio facility in Derby. I had the chance to meet some new people (all names I knew but faces I had never met) including Rei Bennett of Rei Bennett Photography, Envii Me (model and manager of a new runway show being staged in Birmingham next March) and Sapphira Chattan who runs West Midlands based alternative model agency Spirit Model Management.

Meeting like minded souls and the conversations that followed proved that Facebook really does bring creatives together. It’s also great for making sure you’re completed briefed on someone’s work before you even meet them, enabling easy conversation and the chance to discuss future plans and projects knowing what your colleague’s handle is on their working styles. I came away bouncing with possible future projects.

At the end of the day, if you’re given the chance to mingle, don’t say no. You just never know who’s going to be there.

Mingling at Artifex Studios. From left to right – Rei Bennett, moi, Envii Mi, Evie Wolfe (draped in creations by Lovechild Boudoir), Sapphira Chattan and Jessica Wilcock (Spirit Model Management).


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