The aliens have landed!

Concept fashion is one of my favourite genres, fashion that follows a very particular theme and takes it to an extreme. As part of my knit module at University this last year, I chose the famous Alien movies to create a skirt that had a bizarre lifeform feel to it. It looks far more impressive on a shoot and when you bring the right location, model and MUA into it you end up with a perfect combination. I knew right from the start that I wanted to shoot this outfit at Stenigot, the radar dishes in Lincolnshire and I had a vision for how the model would look but finding the time, the transport and the right people to bring it all together was tricky.

Finally, in September it happened and coupled with the amazing weather we happened to have on that day alone that week we couldn’t really go wrong.  I hope you like them as much as I do.

Model: Karen Za
MUA: Liv Free MUA
Hair: Falcieri Designs and Liv Free
Photography: Anneka James Photography
Concept and clothing: Falcieri Designs



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