Just the right one….

Finding the perfect team for a shoot when you have very specific styling ideas in mind can be tricky. All you have to rely on in the early days is an individual’s portfolio and their own word for it that they’ll be just the person you’re looking for – not always the best judge of the authors work or reliability. And it’s made all the more difficult a task when the clothing you are using is 100 years old and fits a UK size 6.

And that was my task for a very beautiful white 1910s tea dress I bought back in the summer that I wanted to use for a concept shoot. It was in remarkably good condition for its age but a tiny 21 inch waist. I knew in my head exactly what I wanted to do with it. I could already see the final shots, edited and ready to go and I had already found my location. I just had to find the model, the photographer and the date.

Out of the blue I pounced on a photographer – Aidan Hart – whom I have been planning to work with on some longer term projects for some time now but thought a test shoot on something simpler and more immediate would be a good start. Thankfully he was able to recommend what turned out to be the perfect model for the occasion – Harrie Williamson.

I have always considered myself fairly lucky in my choice of teams. Generally shoots come out how I expect them to but it’s all in the communication both before and during the shoot. You have to remain focused and clear to those around you what it is you want. After all, you often don’t get a second chance.

This one came out exactly how I wanted it to and here are some of my favourite edited highlights. There will be plenty more on my Facebook page and website over the next week or so, so please check back for further additions.

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