An Open Letter to David Cameron

Running my own business has always been my dream. This sounds like a tacky all encompassing phrase that no doubt has been said by many people, many times over. And when I started at Uni in 2009 this was still my aim. Over the next year or so I made several game plans which included Graduate schemes, a couple of years in the work place and then eventual self employment.

But the whole issue of Graduate jobs and internships has really riled me and I won’t be used like that. I was listening to Alvin Hall on Radio 4 and I just despaired.

Sure I may have more general work experience and life experience than many graduates but still, what was going to make them take me over them? And I’ve spent a long time working for other people, commuting and being crushed in trains like cattle on the way to market and I thought, I really don’t need this. I can’t afford to lose another 3 or 4 years working (and getting paid if I’m lucky) for someone else when I know I can do it now.

So now I have one goal – running my own business. Of course, I’m without lots of experience in that respect. I was a part time freelancer for a long time but I also had a full time job so there was back up cash. I know about money, living on a budget and I can cope with the real world. Even so a little advice and support would go a long way to preventing me from becoming another statistic of failed business enterpreneurship in a few years time.

Running your own business is no picnic. You are responsible for EVERYTHING and there are no excuses for slacking or not taking responsibility. There are also very few days off. Boy do I know about that one. But that’s the kind of challenge I like. I’m a workaholic – get over it.

It is therefore unfortunate that just as I discover various schemes and workshops, the Government sees fit to cut them down. Mr Cameron may be all for new business start ups and nurturing our enterpreneurs but, it would seem, only providing it doesn’t have to contribute.  Articles such as this from ft are not uncommon. This may be from last December but noone has pulled any rabbits out of hats yet and everyone is waiting to see what happens in September when the new academic year begins.

Business Link is stopping all its free workshops from November and this is a shame. There aren’t many out there with the cash to pay. I’d be interested to hear from other recent business start ups. How’s it going out there? Are you getting by? Did you get enough advice? How’s it panning out?


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