It feels like an eternity since I last wrote here, although it has been barely two weeks. You can be sure that if I go quiet it means I am ultra busy. I can multi task until I go blue in the face but every so often I am required to get my priorities right without hesitation! Much procrastination, mostly due to the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately (definitely a problem when you are working from home), followed by some very productive and motivational meetings has thankfully resulted in a whirlwind of activity.

At present there isn’t much to report. I have drafts of blogs that I am keen to post but I am waiting for good end results before I can post them. So instead, here is a little observational comment. It has little to do with fashion, more about my interest in photography and shoot styling which I am a bit obsessed about to be honest with you.

I thought I would say a few words about photo editing. I, personally, don’t have an issue with it. Not all the effects you want can be created on the original shot, or maybe you want to do a set of edits to convey different moods from the same picture. The most subtle alteration can make all the difference between a good photograph and a publishable one. Everyone has different opinions on it, this is just for fun so don’t berate me for it.

I’ve been playing around with a few of my older images. I’ve picked a few where the photographers won’t mind me manipulating them or it’s my copyright. You just can’t mess with someone else’s product as a general rule. So thank you to PCM Photography. Alistair Smith and Andy Benn for having at some point or other given me permission to butcher their creations.Unfortunately it means you’re going to have to put up with looking at me. Sorry about that. :/

I use two free bits of software called Photo! and PhotoScape. Here are two images, the one on the right is edited. The differences are subtle.

Here’s another using that old classic, sepia!

I’ve added a bit of bloom as well but I like the effect. It gives the image a different feel, softens it without detracting from it.

Here are a couple of my old edits before I found PhotoScape. I love these. Just for fun!

I guess all I am saying is that art is what it is. It’s in the eye of the beholder and entirely open to your own interpretation. Just because one artist doesn’t like something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t art. It’s a personal choice. Any creativity is open to that sort of criticism and you need to be a bit hardened to it. Just enjoy what you do and always strive to do your best.


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