The Longevity of Dreams

Some dreams are instantly achievable. One click on the pay now button on a webpage could get you that dream holiday or that exclusive Chanel handbag. Other dreams take time to reach fruition and some are never realised at all.

When I was a child there were three things I wanted to do – make clothes, run a business and write. It is perhaps ironic then that all these years later (and I mean all these years) all three appear to be coming together at once.

Making clothes wasn’t difficult in itself, but turning it into something productive like a business has taken longer to realise. You can’t just go it alone and no matter what anybody tells you, you DO need money behind your venture, even if it’s just a few hundred pounds to get you that stack of business cards and a little studio space. I could make things at home until they come out of my ears. I could sit there like a proverbial hermit and just make stuff for people, for ebay, for me. But that isn’t a business and it isn’t going to get me the places I want to be or get me taken seriously. Going to University, speaking to the right people and finally realising where I am going in life has consolidated it all and I really think I now know what on earth I am doing here on earth. I feel happier about myself, my direction and my purpose. This last 12 months have been unimaginably productive for me career-wise and this is important to me. And they say positive feelings breed positive experiences….

As for writing, well, I guess here I am. But again, let’s face it. ANYONE can write a blog. Whether it’s well written or just plain boring there really is nothing to stop you getting your words out there into the ether. Someone will read it. And if they don’t it still doesn’t stop you adding your next update.

What I always really wanted though – that final accolade, that feather in my cap – was my name on the cover of a book. Yes, that papery thing tied up with string (as Baldrick would say), not a virtual page that anyone could churn out, a really beautiful thing with words and pictures, lovingly written, proof read and printed. Preferably something factual that involved a little academia and visits to a traditional fusty repository of historical documents that I could leaf through and feel like a professional researcher. That work of art that I love to put on the shelf and reference – books.

And it is finally happening…….oh yes…….

I finished writing the draft of a biography that I always believed would be my life’s work some three years ago. I put it aside when the research began looking expensive financially. I decided I would save that for when I had a publisher and it seemed like a worthy investment to complete the final chapter. And so three years have passed since I put it down, 19 since I first started the research. Probably the entire lifetime of some of my readers. Yes that does make me feel old but I haven’t been slogging it out all that time. These things build up over time. Patience is a virtue and sometimes you just get used to waiting.

And then in the space of one week, I had a publisher. It wasn’t as I expected, the whirlwind rags to riches story and I didn’t make any great announcement about it save for my status update on – yes you’ve guessed it – Facebook. Well where else??? I guess it had been so long in coming that I just took it in my stride. BUT it is a great thing and I am genuinely very excited about the realisation of this very personal project. This is partly because the book I have written is about a hero of mine – my great-great-great-grandfather – my own genetic history. It’s about all the family who have gone before me.

Here he is:

His name was Giovanni Battista Falcieri (nicknamed Tita). Yes, this is where I got the name for my fashion design label from. It’s an unusual name, it will always hit top in Google searches.

Watch for this name – I will be writing more about this chap as the months go by. As you can see he is stunning. I don’t care what anyone says, this is a stunning man in a fabulously historical kind of a way. And he’s my relation. All mine. He was renowned in his time for serving as valet to some seriously famous people – Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and Benjamin Disraeli to name just a few. I’m not going to tell you any more for the moment but I do have a Facebook page for him at Tita Falcieri on Facebook.

All things going to plan the launch could be towards the end of 2012, the same year I graduate. Yep, it’s going to be one hell of a year! Bring it on!


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