Time immortal

It is no myth that as you get older so time seems to turn faster. At the beginning of May the thought of a blissful three and a half month long summer break seemed like an eternity. But it has now been six weeks since official deadlines ended and my list of summer projects is still as long as the day I compiled it. That isn’t to say I haven’t been busy – don’t you believe it….

Week one was spent on a hit list of urgent and much neglected jobs put to one side to fulfill deadlines (such as housework, the dreaded food shop, sorting the allotment garden and reminding the chickens I am still mum), three photo shoots and helping with the 3rd year graduate fashion show at the Engine Shed in Lincoln.

Week two was spent getting ready for my sales stall at Kind ie sorting everything for sale and making things from scratch, also 2nd and final toile fittings for a very lovely wedding dress commission I am currently in the midst of.

Week three was supposed to be the week off from sewing I had been promising myself. Since I started my second year of Uni last September I realised I hadn’t actually had a break as I pretty much worked through Christmas and didn’t even stop to eat eggs at Easter so I figured I’d earned this one. In any case my week off WAS punctuated with sewing projects as well as researching a few more shoots.

Week four was spent at Enterprise@Lincoln (four days) learning how to start a business and earning some cash (2 days) at the auction house.

Week six ie this week has been entirely spent at the auction house plus a sewing commission in the evenings.

So that’s pretty much it. And yet I feel like I have been treading water. I have no idea why because this list looks pretty constructive as far as I can see now that I have written it down. Certainly the earning of money through ad-hoc work and commissions is the priority over personal projects. Two fairly hefty Uni projects that form the basis of my last year are also pretty major chunks of my ‘break’. So where I am going to find time to carry out the 15 other projects (plus photoshoots and commissions) I have planned I really have no idea.

So where on earth does all this time go? Certainly I am not the only one pondering this question in between pressing projects. Discovering an article called Why Time Goes Faster as You Get Older has explained a lot, but stretching time out by filling it with new and interesting things isn’t easy once the grip of routine and responsibility takes a hold.

Of course, this is a lesson to us all to fill our lives with interesting and positive things regardless of the mundanity it can bring. That time shortens as we get older may be a figment of our imaginations according to the psychologists but there is something to be learned from it. Take one of my favourite tracks of all time – Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen. It has nothing to do with the track itself but the lyrics. Take heed.


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