Socialnomics – the way we live now

Those of you who visit my blog page regularly (yes I know from the statistics that you’re out there somewhere) may have noticed some additions to my visuals – namely Facebook and Twitter buttons – yes, they’re just on the right there.

I had resisted succumbing to Twitter. Why would I want to only update 140 characters at a time when I have Facebook? But I was duly reminded this week due to Enterprise@Lincoln – a blog on this one follows shortly – that social media, or socialnomics as it was called, really is the way we live now.

And there is no doubt it works wonders when you are setting up your own business. Free, continuous, as much as you like advertising and umlimited possibilities for networking globally. What could be more useful?

I was exposed to this little gem on Wednesday and it captured my imagination:

I therefore now have a Twitter account, so do tweet me, join my followers, whatever it is you would like to do.

I have also taken more time to update my LinkedIn account (oh yes if you have that please find me) and I have linked them all together so that where possible, they are updating everything else. It is quite alarming how quickly information disseminates.

There can be no doubt it is a good thing though and I watch and wait, and analyse my stats with interest. The thing is, when you are using these sites purely for social reasons, they are a pleasant distraction. When you are using them for business, they could be the lifeline for your business.


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