I sometimes worry about being typecast. I realise that we all have our own style and it’s a difficult thing to shake off. That’s just the way we are and we should embrace it, it’s our trademark. Like our own dress sense, our creative leanings are our stamp.

I like to think I can turn myself to anything and I have recently divided up my website to reflect this range from historical and vintage, to glamour and pin up, to concept and fashion. I’ve even added a bit of hair styling in  there as I’ve discovered I rather enjoy it and I don’t think I’m too bad within the realms of what I need it for. But does covering a wider scope of styles make you harder to employ? Will photographers and models find it harder to imagine me as part of their creative team if I chop and change all the time?

As a historical costumier turning to fashion, I was early on all consumed that my past influences encroached too much on my current direction. I became so over obsessed with this in the first year of my degree that I probably spoilt my enjoyment of the creative process, trying too hard to get far away from my influences and inevitably getting lost in the process.

But in my last capsule collection (watch this space for a shoot over the summer) I felt that my historical streak had pretty much disappeared. In a way I was glad about it. I proved something to myself. That doesn’t mean I have turned my back on my past styles. Just a week later I was conjuring up a vintage-esqe fashion shoot, a concept shoot and a medieval shoot almost back to back.

And once you’ve been inspired by something it often becomes a part of your creative style. I suppose if you’re known for only doing one style and  then you try and regenerate yourself, it can be harder to be accepted. You’ll lose fans and gain new ones. And I think certainly for models, it’s risky covering too many styles. I was always told to stick to one style and promote that. It might show versatility but stylists like dependability and to know that the model they have picked can come with the exact style they are looking for. Perhaps I am being too wary, perhaps I should stop worrying. Perhaps I’m talking a lot of old codswallop. Who knows! I would be interested in feedback on this one.


2 responses to “Typecasting

  1. I'm inspired by everything, I don't think i have one key look or something that defines me, Maybe by the end of the course i will have, but i just haven't found something that's inspired me that much yet. I think it might be a bit too early as designers to have that, and its best to just explore everything at the minute :) Although i am loving my summer project at the minute!!

  2. You will eventually. It can take a long time to find out what really makes you tick. Different jobs, different inspiration, different people you meet will all help to shape that. Just keep at it, it'll find you! :)

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