To shoot or not to shoot

Here is a question I would like to pose.
At what point do you stop doing TF shoots? Do you ever stop? Or is there always a little part of you that doesn’t want to miss out on something special. I suppose giving up is when you feel you have enough work in your portfolio not to need the extra images, or to only accept occasional ones if something really unusual crops up. But what if you missed a really amazing opportunity or worse, you only work once in a blue moon because (it seems) all the most creative people are working for nothing to keep their hand in and their images up to date.

It seems there isn’t much money to be made in styling and photography at the moment. It’s a crime that there are so many creatives working for prints because some of what I have seen out there is just fantastic. Luckily I do get the occasional paid styling and modelling jobs but it wouldn’t ever pay the bills and a lot of us are ‘second jobbers’.

Professional high end models are making a living but you have to be offering something really special – I am thinking along the lines of Ivory Flame and Joceline Brooke-Hamilton. Everyone it seems wants to be a model and if you’re just looking for a body it’s easy to find someone who will work for nothing. But finding just the right person isn’t easy. The more experience you have and the better your port, the higher your standards and you will find that you start to turn people away – I never thought I’d ever be doing that!

Clothing design is another matter, there is always a quick buck to be made there thanks to ebay and I suspect this will be the bulk of my income over the summer. Weddings are also more reliable and despite the recession there still seems to be just enough work out there to keep it on an even keel.

Luckily I am not trying to make a living out of it, I only have to sustain myself with paid work over the summer. Sadly this is going to be my last summer before I really do have to start earning some real cash. This time next year I will have left the University of Lincoln. Big wide world here we come again. Geez I hope you’re ready for me this time.


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