Oh the joy of meeting a deadline

Today, I met the last of my Uni deadlines. Next week I shall be involved in the 2nd and 1st year in house fashion show which form part of our crits and the week after I shall be lending my skills to helping the 3rd years put their final collections on the stage in Lincoln. I love helping with fashion shows. I get a buzz from the hubbub and organisation that’s involved.

So now I have time on my hands what shall I do? Well, first of all I am going to post a few images from my latest shoots here. The page is, after all, looking a little dull. These next few images are from my last fashion shoot – they are garments I have created, modelled by the lovely Anneka (who is often photographer on my shoots) and photographed by Chris Ensell Photography. We went to Hartsholme Country Park for these at the end of April, a great venue if you’re looking for a natural setting.

I love tailored constructed fashion, I pay homage to Samantha Cole, Georgia Hardinge and Sandra Backlund, such inspirational designers. Here are the results from my latest venture in knit.

As you will also soon discover I am also a sucker for pin up and glamour. I regularly style for DangerPics, and this is the sort of thing we create. It’s a very different style but I like to think I am versatile enough to float between genres. I generally style and manufacture for these shoots. These are my creations:

and these are styling ventures from the same shoot:

I have heaps of shoots coming up, so I shall post a few more from past shoots soon, and add the new ones as and when. Plus I’m going to add a little inspiration. I’m always looking for new collaborations so do ask. :)


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