At last – a blog!
I intend to make this page a repository for my ideas, what I am doing and where I have been – but whether I can find the time to make it all worth it is another matter!
I think of myself as a workaholic seamstress. If I’m not making something, I’m thinking about making something, planning a photo shoot or thinking about planning photoshoots.
I keep waiting for the burn out but it doesn’t happen!
I do not work in any particular genre as you’ll soon be able to tell. My background is in costume and vintage but I adore fashion and combining all these styles together has become my new challenge. I’ve gone back to school to make this a realisation and as I rapidly approach the end of year two of my degree at Uni I am more enthusiastic than ever about where I am going and what I have achieved so far.
I have spent most of this year learning anew and putting new ideas into practice, increasing my profile and networking (and boy do I network!). My main resources are Facebook and Model Mayhem though I have a presence on a host of other sites and have my own website.
I am also very lucky to be surrounded by a very creative community in Lincoln which helps to keep things real and exorcise some of those ideas when long distance shoot organisation can be so frustrating.
In just a few weeks another academic year will be over but the long summer is already looking pretty hectic. Design ideas are banked up and a disturbingly huge pile of fabrics has already amassed (I am a sucker for a fabric deal!). I also have a list of shoot ideas as long as your arm at various stages of planning.
As well as promoting my work here I hope to inject a little bit of me into this page. Inspiration is all around and hopefully just a little bit of it shall worm its way into the ether!

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